SME - Small Medium Enterprise & Independents
Fourth has developed a product pack designed specifically for the needs of SMEs & independents

Small businesses are vital to any industry and Fourth has perfected its systems to provide low cost and easy to use web-based solutions that match the particular nuances and demands of independent hospitality companies.

Working with independents gives Fourth the opportunity to help develop the market leading brands of tomorrow by providing them with affordable, simple to use and easy to deploy back office system solutions that require only access to the Internet to get the user started.

No capital investment, no specific technical skills and no expensive and risky IT projects, Fourth has created a web based suite of systems that scale to any company size to manage all areas of back office processing and reporting, and to provide integration to existing ePos systems.

Fourth's solutions focus on the three key back office areas of labour, stock and managed accounts processing.

Our labour solution people system allows independent operators to predict, control and reduce wage cost, our stock system fnb manager allows you to compare gross margin against theoretical for daily monitoring of performance, and our managed accounts processing package fourthSight takes the data feeds from these two systems and automatically inputs to an outsourced accounting system for timely production of P&L and detailed financial reporting.

Fourth has also recently acquired star chef, a recipe and menu management tool, that offers a specific 'small business' subscription.

Every element of our modular solutions is easy to use, flexible, innovative and process-driven.

The result is a tried and tested single system that is configurable to the client's needs, scalable to enable you to grow easily, task based and built around the operator. Virtually all manual processes are eliminated and your company is provided with total visibility and one version of the truth.

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