Fourth has developed a product pack that fits everybody

Fourth know that the UK Hospitality industry has some of the most highly regarded brands in UK business. We realise that these organisations face huge challenges in order to remain profitable, stay ahead of the competition and provide new and exciting experiences for their customers.

Operational and Financial management of these organisations is a complex task and requires business systems that can handle this complexity. Here at Fourth we have developed a suite of back office solutions that delivers this and offers a raft of measurable business benefits.

Our solutions focus on improving and streamlining back office functions to increase profit:

  • people system allows independent operators to predict, control and reduce wage cost.
  • fnb manager allows you to compare gross margin against theoretical for daily monitoring of performance.
  • trade simple lets you control the exchange of electronic product and pricing data to enable a seamless order through to invoice.
  • star chef, a recent addition to the Fourth family, provides the tools to effectively manage ingredients, recipes and menus.

The modular design of our systems enables you to pick and choose what and when to implement giving you complete flexibility and control.

The technology model is also cost focused. Using state of the art Software as a Service you don't need to invest in hardware or software; you don't need specific IT skills; and project rollouts are significantly reduced. This not only lowers cost and reduces risk, but also delivers your return on investmestment much sooner.

The result is a tried and tested single system that is configurable to the client's needs, scalable to enable you to grow easily, task based and built around the operator. Virtually all manual processes are eliminated and your company is provided with total visibility and a single version of the truth.

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